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Stone Clay Accessories Brochure


PADICO is introducing you to make warm-feel clay accessories made of the stone clay.
Coating  the surface of the accessory with UV resin, it looks like a pottery art.
This brochure give you “how to” instruction, clay craft techniques, and  ideas of accessories with 60 seasonable design patterns like Holloween. Christmas, Japanese New Year Day, and birthday. Simple dot, stripe, and alphabet patterns are also  included.

La Doll, Premix, and Premier are popular stone clays Padico has.
The Premier one has the ultra-lightweight and bright white finish, and which is easy to make the color you like with Premier white clay.  All paints and varnish are also acceptable on surface.
Inventory #303914
Book Name:  Stone Clay Accessories Brochure
Price:  100 JPY without tax


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