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This book must be a perfect textbook for resin accessory.
It shows several techniques such as molding, setting, flaming, coloring resin, coating and attaching and even making an original mold.
Also, it introduces various features and the use of resin, so that readers can learn about resin very well.
All techniques on this book are very useful for making accessories like pierces, bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on. This book introduces high level techniques too, such as using real dried flowers and making flowers with wire.
Any ideas are possible with this book! All woman would enjoy these ideas.
Various sweet and spicy ideas are on this book. All the resin crafters must be fascinated with this book!
PADICO UV Resin Hard Type, PADICO UV Resin Soft Type and PADICO UV Resin Gummy Type are used on this book.
a304017-stylish_akb-2 a304017-stylish_uvresin_accessories-by-akb
< Contents >
01. Necklace and Ring with Medal
02. Barrette with Chocolate Bijou
03. Necklace with Perfume Bottle
04. Necklace and Hair Elastic with Flower Dome
05. Earing and Pierce with Meli Melo Jewel
06. Necklace and Pierce with Eye-dropped Resin
07. Hair Accessories with Shrink Plastic
08. Brooch with Balloon Charm
09. Hatpin with Dried Flower
10. Floret Ring and Pierce
11. Pierce with Checkered Cube
12. Necklace with Cross Pearl
13. Necklace with Message Cotton Pearl
14. Necklace and Ring with Alphabet
15. Key holder with Planet Motif
16. Headphone Jack with Candy
17. Ring with Shrink Plastic Bijou
18. Bracelet with Button
19. Necklace and Ring with Metal Jewel
20. Necklace and Bracelet with Circle Motif Charm
21. Ear Hook with Fabric Flower
22. Bracelet with Multiple Flowers
23. Necklace and Bracelet with Pearl Bijou
24. Pierce with Pearl Cherry
25. Ring with Paved Freshwater Pearl
26. Pierce with Printed Shrink Plastic
27. Necklace and Ear Cuff with Dried Flower
28. Pierce with Shrink Plastic Flower
29. Accessories with Hologram
30. 31. Bracelet and Key charm with Shell Motif Button
32. Bracelet and Pierce with Multiple Color Charm
UV Resin Basic Lesson
Possibilites of UV Resin
Types of UV Resin
Basic Tools
Lesson 1. Molding
Lesson 2. Setting
Lesson 3. Flaming
Lesson 4. Coloring Resin
Lesson 5. Coating and Attaching
Lesson 6. Making Original Mold
Recipe of Works
Making Accessories

Stylish UV Resin Accessories by a.k.b.
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