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[Revised Edition] Chobiko Miniature Food Recipe 2017


Welcome to the Chobiko’s miniature food world!
The book was released in 2014 Summer as first edition.  With additional worldwide foods’ recipe, the second revised edition has been released in this spring 2017.   There are many 1/12 size of miniature foods in this book.  All food can be made with Modena resin clay, La Doll stone clay, three types of UV resin, Silicone Mold Maker, Clear slicone, and acrylics paint.
 It is written  by Chobiko, doll house & miniature food artist.
There are 90 recipes for miniature food in this book.
104 pages total : 64 colored parges & 40 monochrome pages.
Written in Japanese.
< Contents >
Hamburger Shop
Doughnut Shop
Japanese Restaurant
Italian Restaurant
Western Restaurant
Noodle Restaurant
Pastry Shop
Japanese Local Foods
Worldwide Foods
Step by step photo instruction

It makes you easy to understand even it is written in Japanese.
Let’s learn how to make such a extremely small size foods with clay and regin liquid.
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