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New Arrival – Soft Molds in Winter 2016


4 new designed soft molds are launched on December 8th, 2016.  Triangle Pyramid and Prism, Cat, Round Plate, and Ring(Big), these designs are commonly used for handmade accessories.  Cat shaped one is so cute.  You may draw his face and make accessories for kids.  Immitation tortoiseshell color accessories made from UV resin and yellow and brown colors look beautiful.  It is very easy to make the immitation one with Padico UV resin color “Hoseki-no-Shizuku”.
#404217 Soft Mold Triangle     1,200 JPY
#404218 Soft Mold Cat                800 JPY
#404219 Soft Mold Round Plate 800 JPY
#404220 Soft Mold Ring (Big)    800 JPY
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