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Miniature Bread is made by polymer clay like Modena.
Mixing Modena and baking powder and heat it by microwave, then it rises like a real bread.
Modena usually takes one day for dry. But, when making miniature bread with heating, there is no need of time for dry.
It is happy to make a miniature bead with short time!
This is pretty enough with just a bread, but it must be more pretty and so much fun with toppings.
Sandwiches, opened-sand, hot dogs, and so on…
The arrangement would be more and more just like cooking. There are simple recipe of bread as Sliced Bread, Baguette, Pain de Campagne, hot dog bun and so on.
Step by step pictures must be very helpful.
Also, the recipe for various parts are on this book.
Roast beef, beacon, lettuce, tomato, shrimp, boiled egg and so on….
Enjoy your combination of parts and bread with your sense!
< Contents >
Matrials and Tools
Part 1. Sliced Bread
Part 2. Baguette, Ciabatta and Pain de Campagne
Part 3. Hot Dog Bun, Vans and English Muffins
Part 4. Topping Parts for Miniature Breads
Column: Make your Miniature Breads Accessories
Pages:  80 full colored pages. All written in Japanese. Many pictures must be helpful to guide readers.
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