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Jewel color for UV Resin “Houseki-no-Shizuku”


Jewel Color “Houseki-no-Shizuku” is a pigment liquid for tinting UV resins. 
 12 colors:  Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellowgreen, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, and White are available.  Each pigment can be used alone or blended with other pigments to customize preferred for parts.  It is easy to work with Padico three types of UV transparent colored resins.  Mix a drop of the pigment with
resin, and it perfectly imitates the look of tinted glass and jewelry stone after cured. 

Following chart may help you make blended colors for  your original jewel color stone.  The information is provided by “Kimura Premium”.  Ms. Junko Kimura is the representative and she has great artistic senses.
Please visit her instagram.  I am sure you enjoy her clay & resin art and for your articles.




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