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Let’s make Christmas ornaments!

Making Christmas ornaments  is a fun craft project. Decorate beautiful Christmas tree with your hand-made orna […]


Instruction guidebook for Puppet Klubo Doll

  Click the following rink for English instruction book of Puppet Klubo doll kit series. puppet_klubo_gui […]


Instruction Guidebook of Alice Rock BJD Kit & Discount Coupon

Click the following rink for the guidebook  of Alice Rock Ball Jointed Doll Kit. The English instruction book […]


How to Make Modena Clay Succulents Plant

Recently, a lot of people have some green in their room. Having some green in your room may brighten your room […]


< New Book > Resin Small World Accessory

This is a Idea & Technique book for Resin. UV Resin get hard under ultraviolet light. If you have never us […]


How to make Snowball Wreath

 Air dry Hearty is lightweight clay.  It is not sticky, and easy to work with.  Hearty Clay is suitable to mak […]


How to make a Heart-Shaped Clay Cookie Charm

Japanese people celebrate St. Valentine’s day in a very different way from western countries.  February […]


Modeling Cast Instruction Guide

Modeling Cast refers to the mixtured liquid clay made with clay and resin developed by Padico. No firing is ne […]


< New Book > Kawaii Miniature – Pan Book

This is a unique recipe book of miniature bread by Mayu Sekiguch, sweets decolation artist. Page : 79 full col […]


Decolated Clear Case with Scrap Booking Flowers

What are very beautiful and cool works! The clear cases and smart phone case are decolated lovelily. Put Lace […]


Modena Snail in a rainy season in early summer

There are four seasons in Japan,spring,summer,autumn,and winter. We have a rainy season in early summer. It be […]


Rainbow color ice cream with Modena clay

Rainbow colored ice cream with açaí seeds charm brings tropical Hawaian air. Make rainbow color ice cream with […]