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2017 Fall Nozzle attachment fine nozzle and spatula

Nozzle attachment fine nozzle and spatula has been released as new product in fall 2017. Attach it to the tip […]


UV-LED Resin Hard Instructions in English

Thank you for your purchase UV-LED Resin “STAR DROPS” hard type. Please click the following pdf fi […]


2017 Summer UV-LED Resin “STAR DROPS” Hard

 New Type of Resin  ” STAR DROPS” has been released. Padico is pleased to introduce you new UV-LED […]


2017 Summer New Neon colors & Pearl one

Padico is happy to introduce you 4 new fluorescent neon colors and 1 polarization pearl color are released. Ne […]


2017 Spring New Products have been released!

Five soft molds and unique shaped of eyebolts have been released as new products. Heart, Square Plate, Diamond […]


[Revised Edition] Chobiko Miniature Food Recipe 2017

Welcome to the Chobiko’s miniature food world! The book was released in 2014 Summer as first edition.  W […]


New Arrival – Soft Molds in Winter 2016

4 new designed soft molds are launched on December 8th, 2016.  Triangle Pyramid and Prism, Cat, Round Plate, a […]


Jewel color for UV Resin “Houseki-no-Shizuku”

Jewel Color “Houseki-no-Shizuku” is a pigment liquid for tinting UV resins.  12 colors:  Pink, Red […]


Jewel Mold mini for premium Handmade Jewelry

See the picture of beautiful nail arts , introduced in last Tokyo Nail Expo 2015 winter.  Jewelry stones made […]


< New Book > Cute Egg-shaped Clay Birds

You can meet many kinds of egg-shaped cute birds in this book.This book shows how to make egg-shaped birds wit […]


Stone Clay Accessories Brochure

PADICO is introducing you to make warm-feel clay accessories made of the stone clay. Coating  the surface of t […]


< New Book > Stylish UV Resin Accessories by a.k.b.

This book must be a perfect textbook for resin accessory. It shows several techniques such as molding, setting […]