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Miniature Modena Flower by Sachiyo Sudo

This pretty Chouchou Fleur is crafted by Ms. Sudo. It is made by Modena. Each petal and leaves are crafted car […]


Wonderful Flower Works by Ms.Sudo

Ms. Sachiyo Sudo, clay artist, gives us wonderful flower works.  She creates them with Modena resin clay. You  […]


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Collaboration of Shaun the Sheep and Padico Clay

One of the well-known Hand Craft chain stores in Japan held a workshop at Shinjuku branch on June 27th and 28t […]


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Clay Sweets World presented by Kimura Premium

Which dessert do you want?  Swiss Rolls, Pan Cakes, or Cup Cakes? These are all fake clay sweets made by Junko […]


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Facinate Craft of Japanese national sport “Sumo”

Nagasawa Kuriko who is a clay artist made a Sumo wrestlers with clay! These are for the collection. These are  […]


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Flower Art Faces by Dianna Effner

Dianna Effner, famous doll crafter in USA, introduces new expressions using doll face molds. Flower Art Faces […]


Decolated Clear Case with Scrap Booking Flowers

What are very beautiful and cool works! The clear cases and smart phone case are decolated lovelily. Put Lace […]


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Hearty flowers from Viet Nam

I would like to introduce the art works which an artist from Viet Nam sent us. These yellow and white flowers […]


Modena Snail in a rainy season in early summer

There are four seasons in Japan,spring,summer,autumn,and winter. We have a rainy season in early summer. It be […]


Rainbow color ice cream with Modena clay

Rainbow colored ice cream with açaí seeds charm brings tropical Hawaian air. Make rainbow color ice cream with […]


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Succulent plants made of Modena Clay

How excellent displays succulents make, either individually or arrangement in spoon, jar, and tray garden. Mod […]


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Hina-Matsuri, Japanese Doll Festival

I would like to talk about ”Hina-Matsuri”. It is a Japanese word which means ”Doll’s Festival” in English. It […]