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2017 Spring New Products have been released!


Five soft molds and unique shaped of eyebolts have been released as new products.
Heart, Square Plate, Diamond Cut, Bear Rabbit shaped molds for Resin accessories and Clay Art.
The surface of the mold is finished as mirror-finished surface.
#403049  Soft Mold Diamond-Cut,  800JPY without tax
#403050  Soft Mold Bear, 800 JPY without tax
#403051  Soft Mold Square Plate, 800 JPY without tax
#403052 Soft Mold Heart, 800 JPY without tax
#403053 Soft Mold Rabbit, 800 JPY without tax
#403055 Crank Eye Bolt Gold, #403056 Crank Eye Bolt Silver, 10 pieces in each bag, 380 JPY each bag

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